Room 203 Luce Hall
Monday 12:00-1:30pm

The 2008-2009 Leitner Political Economy Seminar is directed by Ana De La O.

Fall 2008

September 8
Andrea Vindigni, Princeton University
“A Theory of Military Dictatorships”
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September 15
Alexandre Debs, Rochester University
“War! Who Is It Good For? The Relationship Between Regime Type, the Fate of Leaders and War”

September 22
Lisa Blaydes, Stanford/Harvard Academy
“Counting Calories: Democracy and Distribution in the Developing World”

September 29
Ken Scheve, Yale University
“The Conscription of Wealth: Mass Warfare and the Demand for Progressive Taxation”

October 6
Philip Hoffman, Caltech
“Why was it that Europeans conquered the rest of the world? The politics and economics of Europe’s comparative advantage in violence?”

October 13
Brian Fried, Yale University
“The End of the Closed Corral: Understanding the Decline of Clientelism in Brazil”

October 20
Sarah Bermeo, Yale University
“Foreign Aid, Foreign Policy, and Strategic Development”

October 24 (Friday)
4:00 P.M. - Luce Hall, Room 202
Adam Przeworski, New York University
“Democracy, Choice, and Participation”
Download background paper: Przeworski, Adam and Covadonga Meseguer. 2005. “Globalization and Democracy.” In Pranab Bardhan, Samuel Bowles, and Michael Wallerstein (eds.), Globalization and Egalitarian Distribution. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

October 27
Alberto Simpser, University of Chicago
“Unintended consequences of election monitoring: theory and empirics”

November 3
Michael Ross, UCLA
“But Seriously: Does Oil Really Affect Democracy?”

November 10
Ben Olken, NBER/ Harvard Society of Fellows
“Direct Democracy and Local Public Goods: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia”

November 17
Dennis Quinn, Georgetown University
“The Economic Origins of Democracy Reconsidered”

November 24 - Fall Break

December 1
Paul Lagunes, Yale University
“In Democracy it Pays to be Rich: Wealth’s Effect on Mexican
Legislators’ Responsiveness”

Spring 2009

January 12
Dan Butler, Yale University
“Why do Republicans Treat Jake Better than DeShawn?”

January 19 Martin Luther King

January 26
Mariano Tommasi, UDESA/IADB
“The Making of Policy: Formal or Informal Arenas?”

February 2
John Roemer, Yale University
“The Ethics of Intergenerational Distribution in a Warming Planet”

February 9
Kathleen Thelen, Northwestern University and and Duane Swank, Marquette University
“Institutional Change and the Politics of Social Solidarity in Advanced Capitalist Democracies”

February 16
Leonid V. Peisakhin, Yale University
“Does Information Disclosure Reduce Corruption? Evidence from Field-Experiments in India”

February 23
Kyohei Yamada, Yale University
“National Politics and Local Institutions: Explaining the Beginning of a Two-Party System in Contemporary Japan”

March 2
Jonathan Rodden, Standford University
“Why the Democrats Need Boll Weevils and Blue Dogs:
The Distribution of Political Preferences across U.S. House”

March 9 Spring Break

March 16 Spring Break

March 23
Ryan Garcia, Yale University
“Mandatory National Service and Civic Engagement”

March 30
Orit Kedar, MIT
“Coalition-Targeted Duvergerian Voting: How Expectations Affect Voter Choice under Proportional Representation”

April 6
Ethan Siller, Yale University

April 13
Juan Rebolledo, Yale University
“Unfinished Business: The Political Economy of Subnational Democracy”

Friday, April 17, 12:00 Noon
Norbert Schady, The World Bank
“Conditional Cash Transfers: Reducing Present and Future Poverty”
Room A002, 77 Prospect Street
(This is a co-sponsored seminar with the Council on Latin American Studies)

April 20
Guillermo Rosas, Washington University in St. Louis
“Non-ignorable abstentions in roll-call data analysis”

April 27
Justin Fox, Yale University
“Judicial Review, Policymaking, and Voter Welfare”



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