Seminars 2016-2017

Room 203 Luce Hall

Thursdays 12:00-1:30pm

Spring 2017

January 19 Beatriz Magaloni, Stanford University “Killing in the Slums: An Impact Evaluation of Police and Reform in Rio de Janeiro” (with Edgar Franco and Vanessa Melo, special session held jointly with the Comparative Politics Workshop) January 26 Tiberiu Dragu, New York University “The Dynamic Foundations of Terrorism and Counterterrorism” February 1 Alessandra Casella, Columbia University “Trading for Votes: A Decentralized Matching Algorithm” (with Thomas Palfrey, special session held jointly with the American Politics & Public Policy Workshop) *Please note location change: ISPS room A0002 February 9 Torun Dewan, London School of Economics “Victorian Voting: Party Orientation and Class Alignment Revisited” (with Jaakko Merilainen and Janne Tukiainen) February 16 Jennifer M. Larson, New York University “From Chatter to Action: How Social Networks Inform and Motivate in Rural Uganda” (with Janet I. Lewis and Pedro Rodriguez) February 23 Xiaoxue Zhao, Yale University “State Capacity and Economic Development under Capital Mobility: Evidence from China” (with Yu Liu) March 2 Victor Shih, University of California San Diego “Shocks, Skills, and Political Instability in Authoritarian Regimes: A Dynamic Theoretical Analysis” (with Pengfei Zhang and Mingxing Liu) March 9 Georg Vanberg, Duke University “Coalition Governance, Legislative Institutions, and Government Policy in Parliamentary Democracies” (with Lanny W. Martin) March 30 Stephane Straub, Toulouse School of Economics “Voting Corrupt Politicians Out of Office: Evidence from an Experiment in Paraguay” (with Rumilda Canete, Josepa Miquel-Florensa, and Karine Van der Straeten) April 13 Georgy Egorov, Northwestern University “Elections in Non-Democracies” (with Konstantin Sonin) April 27 Gregory Martin, Emory University TBA

Fall 2016

September 8 Jakob Schneebacher, Yale University
“State Formation and Social Conflict: The Political Economy of the Swiss Old Confederacy” September 15 Giampaolo Leece, Yale University
“Institutional Transplant and Cultural Proximity: Evidence from Nineteenth-Century Prussia.” September 22 Gabriel Lopez-Monteczuma, Yale University
“Sequential Deliberation in Collective Decision-Making: The Case of the FOMC” *September 28 Leonardo Baccini, McGill University “Security, Trade, and Political Violence” (with Francesco Amodio and Michele Di Maio, special session held jointly with the International Relations Workshop) *Please note location change: Rosenkranz Hall Room 005 11:45AM-1:20PM October 6 Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale University “The Economics of Enforcement” (with Andres Gonzalez) October 13 Adam Przeworski, New York University “Economic Inequality, Political Inequality, and Redistribution” (special session held jointly with the Comparative Politics Workshop) October 27 Jeffrey Weaver, Yale University
“Jobs for Sale: Corruption and Allocational Efficiency in Government Hiring”

Faculty co-organizers: Milan Svolik (Political Science) and Deborah Beim (Political Science)



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