Leitner Political Economy Seminar

Room 203 Luce Hall
Mondays 12:00-1:30pm

Fall 2013

September 9
Guillem Riambau (Yale NUS)
The Effects of District Magnitude on Voting Behavior

September 16
Cameron Ballard-Rosa (Yale)
Hungry for Change: Urban Bias and the Political Economy of Autocratic Sovereign Debt Default

September 23
David Rueda (Oxford)
Equality or Crime? Redistribution Preferences in Western Europe (and the US)

September 30
Rick Bond (Vanderbilt, visiting Yale)
Cap and Escape in Trade Agreements

October 7
Scott Baker (Wash U)
Managing Reputation with Litigation: Why Legal Sanctions Can Work Better than Market Sanctions(w/ Albert Choi)

October 14
Mircea Popa (Yale)
The Political Causes of Real Estate Bubbles

October 21
Giovanni Facchini (Nottingham U)
The Rhetoric of Closed Borders: Quotas, Lax Enforcement and Illegal Migration
(Special Session Held Jointly with the MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series)

October 28
Lakshmi Iyer (Harvard Business)
Path-Breakers: How Does Women’s Political Participation Respond to Electoral Success?

November 4
Katherine Casey (Stanford GSB)
Crossing Party Lines: The Effects of Information on Redistributive Politics

November 11
Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale)
Does Development Aid Undermine Political Accountability? Evidence from a Large-Scale Sanitation Intervention

November 18
Stergios Skaperdas (UC-Irvine)
Nation-Building through War: Military Victory and Social Identification after the Franco-Prussian War
(Special Session Held Jointly with the MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series)

December 2
Melissa Dell (Harvard University)
Path Dependence in Development: Evidence from the Mexican Revolution

December 9
Layna Mosley (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Categories, Creditworthiness and Contagion: Investors’ Shortcuts and Sovereign Debt Markets
(Special Session Held Jointly with the MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series)

Spring 2014

January 13
Alison Post, UC‐Berkeley
“Revisiting the Obsolescing Bargain in Post-Crisis Argentina: Investor Portfolios
and RegulatoryOutcomes”

January 27
David Samuels, University of Minnesota
“Inequality and Democratization: An Elite-Competition Approach”

February 3
Avidit Acharya, University of Rochester
“The Political Legacy of American Slavery”

February 10
Alex Debs & Nuno Monteiro, Yale University
“A Theory of Economic Interdependence and War”
(joint workshop with IR)

February 24
Stephanie Rickard, London School of Economics
“Policy Targeting: Special Interest Politics, Geography and Electoral Institutions”
(joint workshop with IR)

March 3
Lisa Blaydes, Stanford University
“Compliance and Resistance in Iraq under Saddam Hussein: Evidence from the Files of the Ba`th Party”

March 24
Jonathan Rodden, Stanford University
“Policy-Bundling: An Experimental Approach”

March 31
Ruben Durante, Yale University
“Market-Based Lobbying: Evidence from Advertising Spending in Italy”

April 7
Ray Fisman, Columbia Business School
“The Mortality Costs of Political Connections”

April 14
Giacomo Ponzetto, Center for Research in International Economics—CREI
“Heterogeneous Information and Trade Policy”

April 21
John McLaren, University of Virginia
“Fast-Track Authority: A Hold-Up Interpretation”

April 28
Tim Buthe, Duke University
“The Politics of Market Competition: Trade and Antitrust in a Global Economy
(joint workshop with IR)

April 30
Milan Svolik
“Deliver the Vote! Micromotives and Macrobehavior in Electoral Fraud”
(joint workshop with IR)

May 5
Andrea Vindigni, IMT Lucca
“Forbidden Fruits: The Political Economy of Science, Religion and Growth”
with Roland Benabou, Princeton and Davide Ticchi, IMT Lucca
(joint workshop with the Religion and Politics Colloquium)



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