Redistribution, Public Goods & Political Market Failures

Yale University | April 9-10, 2010

Sponsored by the Georg Walter Leitner Program in International and Comparative Political Economy. Conference Organizer: Ana L. De La O.

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Friday, April 9
12:00-1:30PM – Lunch

1:30-3:30PM – Panel 1

Isabela Mares, Columbia University
“The Rise of Noncontributory Programs in Latin America”

Sarah M. Brooks, Ohio State University
“Democracy, Risk Protection and Inequality in Developing Countries”

Linda Cook, Brown University
“The Politics and Consequences of Privatizing Social Welfare in Postcommunist States: The Case of the Russian Federation”

Tariq Thachil, Yale University and Emmanuel Teitelbaum, George Washington University
“Party Fragmentation and the Emergence of Programmatic Spending in the Indian States”

3:30-3:45PM – Coffee Break

3:45-5:45PM – Panel 2

Ana L. De La O, Yale University
“The Politics of Conditional Cash Transfers”

Cesar Zucco, Princeton University
“Cash-Transfers and Voting Behavior: Electoral Impacts of Brazil’s Bolsa Familia Program”

Marco Manacorda,Queen Mary University of London
“Government Transfers and Political Support”

6:30PM – Dinner

Saturday, April 10

8:00-8:30AM – Breakfast

8:30-10:30AM – Panel 3

Juan Pablo Luna, Universidad Católica de Chile
“The Allocation of Targeted Social Policy in Chile (2000-2008): Party Machines, State Institutions, and Types of Distributive Politics”

Gabriela Pérez Yarahuán, Universidad Iberoamericana
“Accountability institutions and Political Bias in Federal Social Programs in Mexico, 2000-2006”

Brian Min, UCLA
“Distributing Power: Public Service Provision to the Poor in India”

Covadonga Meseguer and Javier Aparicio, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas
The Political Economy of Collective Remittances: the 3x1 Program in Mexican Municipalities

10:30-10:45AM – Coffee break

10:45AM-12:30PM – Panel 4

Mariela Szwarcberg, Notre Dame
“Who Monitors? Clientelism and Democratic Representation in Argentine Municipalities”

Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro, Brown University
“Choosing Clientelism: Competition, Poverty, and the Local Politics of Social Welfare in Argentina”

David Nickerson, Notre Dame
“Using Survey Experiments to Detect Vote Buying in Latin America”

12:30-1:30PM – Lunch

1:30-3:30PM – Panel 5

Thad Dunning, Yale University
“Caste, Party, and Distribution in Indian Village Councils: Evidence from Natural and Field Experiments”

The Salience of Ethnic Categories: Field and Natural Experimental Evidence from Indian Village Councils

When Formal Institutions Are Not Enough: Caste, Party Politics, and Distribution in Indian Village Councils

Daniel Berger, NYU
“Taxes, Institutions, and Governance: Evidence from Colonial Nigeria”

Karen Jusko, Stanford University
“How Electoral Geography Effects Redistribution”

3:30-3:40PM – Coffee Break

3:40-5:40PM – Panel 6

Robert Kaufman, Rutgers University
“Views of Economic Inequality in Latin America”

Alberto Diaz-Cayeros and Alex Ruiz Euler, UC San Diego
“Information, Female Empowerment and Governance in Oaxaca, Mexico”

Ana L. De La O, Yale University and Leonard Wantchekon, NYU
“Information Dissemination and Local Governments’ Electoral Returns, Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mexico”

6:00PM – Dinner