Leitner Political Economy Seminar

Room 203 Luce Hall
Mondays 12:00-1:30pm

Fall 2012

September 10
Alexandre Debs, Yale University
“Is Transparency a Force for Peace?”

September 17
Alessandra Casella, Columbia University
“Systematic Minority Advantage in Competitive Vote Markets”

September 24
Achyuta Adhvaryu, Yale University

October 1
David Stasavage, New York University
“What Democracy Does (and Doesn’t do) for Basic Services: School Fees, School Inputs, and African Elections”

October 8
Paola Conconi, University Libre Bruxelles
“Policymakers’ Horizon and Trade Reforms: The Protectionist Effect of Elections”

October 15
Rohini Pande, Harvard University
“Truth-telling by Third-party Auditors and the Response of Polluting Firms: Experimental Evidence from India”

October 22
Sebastian Saiegh, University of California San Diego
“Fraudulent Democracy? An Analysis of Argentina’s Infamous Decade Using Supervised Machine Learning”

October 29
Eric Weese, Yale University 

November 5
Francesco Trebbi, University of British Columbia
“How is Power Shared in Africa?”

November 12
Pedro Dal Bo, Brown University
“The Demand for Bad Policy When Voters Do Not Understand Equilibrium Effects”

November 26
Claudio Ferraz, PUC-Rio

December 3
Emily Blanchard, Dartmouth University
“U.S. Multinationals and Preferential Market Access”

December 10
David Myatt, London Business School
“A Theory of Protest Voting”

Spring 2013

January 14
Sarah Brooks (Ohio State University)
Oil and Democracy: Endogenous Natural Resources and the Political ‘Resource Curse’
(joint with Marcus J. Kurtz)

January 28
John Roemer (Yale University)

February 4
Ken Shotts (Stanford University)
Competitive Policy Entrepreneurship
(joint with Alexander V. Hirsch)

February 11
Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton University)
How does Policy Deliberation Affect Voting Behavior? Evidence from a Campaign Experiment from Benin

February 18
David P. Myatt (London Business School)
A Theory of Protest Voting

February 25
Chad Bown (World Bank)
Emerging Economies, Trade Policy, and Macroeconomic Shocks
(joint with Meredith A. Crowley)

March 4
Aila M. Matanock (UC-Berkeley)
Bullets for Ballots: Examining the Effect of Electoral Participation on Conflict Recurrence

March 25
Irfan Nooruddin (Ohio State University)
Broke and Broken: Why Elections Fail to Promote Democratization in the Developing World

April 1
Vincent Anesi (University of Nottingham)
Bargaining in Standing Committees with an Endogenous Default

April 8
Ruben Durante (Sciences Po)
The Political Legacy of Commercial Television:
Evidence from the Rise (and Fall) of Berlusconi

(joint with Paolo Pinotti and Andrea Tesei)

April 15
Paola Giuliano (UCLA visiting Harvard University)
On the Origin of Gender Roles: Women and the Plough

April 17 (special Wednesday workshop in RKZ 202)
Gary W. Cox (Stanford University)
The Power of the Purse and the Reversionary Budget

April 22
Yann Algan (Sciences Po)
The Economic Incentives of Cultural Transmission:
Spatial Evidence from Naming Patterns across France

(joint with Thierry Mayer and Mathias Thoenig)

April 29
Camilo Garcia-Jimeno (University of Pennsylvania)
The Political Economy of Moral Conflict:
An Empirical Study of Learning and Law Enforcement under Prohibition



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