Seminars 2020-2021

12:00-1:15 PM on Thursdays via Zoom (subscribe to mailing list for link and password)*

Fall 2020

September 10 - No Meeting

September 17 - Emily Sellars, Yale University.
“Epidemics, Rent Extraction, and the Value of Holding Office.”

September 24 - Daniel Mattingly, Yale University.
“How the Party Commands the Gun: Coups, Revolts, and the Military in China.” 

October 1  - Sarah Bush, Yale University.
“Facing Change: Identity and Cross-National Responses to Climate Change.” (co-authored with Amanda Clayton)

October 8 - Sarah Khan, Yale University.
“Canvassing the Gatekeepers: A Field Experiment to Improve Women’s Turnout in Pakistani Elections.”

October 15 - No workshop; Politics Across Borders

October 22 - Daniel Goldstein, Yale University.

“State Capacity and the Erosion of Norms of Good Governance”

October 29 - Liz McGuire, Yale University. (practice Job Talk)
“Norms as a Bridge between Attitudes and Behavior: Evidence from a field experiment in Tanzania on gender norms.”

November 5 - Anton Sobolev, Yale University.
“How Pro-Government “Trolls” Influence Online Conversations in Russia.”

November 12 - No workshop; Politics Across Borders

November 19 - Didac Queralt, Yale University.
“Expected Returns from Taxation: Do Elites differ from Nonelites?” (co-authored with Xiaobo Lü and Jay Kao)

December 3 - Milan Svolik, Yale University.
Title TBA.

December 10 - Greg Huber, Yale University.
“Makers and Takers: How We (Don’t) Tax the Poor Reduces Support for Taxing and Redistribution,” (co-authored with Scott Bokemper).