Seminars 2011 - 2012

Mondays 12:00-1:30pm - Room 203 Luce Hall

The 2011-2012 Leitner Political Economy Seminar is directed by Ken Scheve.

Fall 2011

September 12 - Gilat Levy, London School of Economics, “Rituals or Good Works: Self and Social Signalling in Religious Organizations”

September 19, Avinash Dixit, Princeton University, “Governance and Foreign Direct Investment”

September 26, Emanuel Ornelas, London School of Economics, “Free Trade Agreements and the Consolidation of Democracies”

October 3, Doug Irwin, Dartmouth University, “Did France Cause the Great Depression?”

October 10, Yotam Margalit, Columbia University, “Ideology All the Way Down? The Impact of the Great Recession on Partisans’ Welfare Policy Preferences”, Sign up to meet speaker

October 17, Alberto Alesina, Harvard University, “Family Values and the Regulation of Labor”, Sign up to meet speaker

October 24, Juan Rebolledo, Yale University, “Black Sheep of the Family: A Model of Subnational Authoritarian Endurance in National Democracies”

October 31, Torsten Persson, Institute for International Economic Studies, “Political Turnover and Institutional Reform”, Sign up to meet speaker

November 7, Edwin Camp, Yale University, “Making the Mare Go: The Internal Organization and Electoral Success of Political Machines”, Reading #1: Modeling Targeted Distribution with Multi-Actor Parties (Chap. 2), Reading #2: The Political Machine as an Organization (excerpt)

November 14, Scott Gehlbach, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “Imperfect Institutional Change”, Co-authored with Evgeny Finkel, Yale University, and Tricia Olsen, University of Wisconsin, Madison

November 28, Christina Schneider, University of California, San Diego, “(Unintended) Electoral Effects of Multilateral Aid Projects”, Sign up to meet the speaker.

December 5, Nolan McCarty, Princeton University, “Polarization in American State Legislatures”, The Ideological Mapping of American Legislatures (background information), Sign Up To Meet Speaker

Spring 2012

January 23, Pablo Querubin, Harvard University, Political Reform and Elite Persistence: Term Limits and Political Dynasties in the Philippines”, Sign up to meet speaker.

January 30, Michael Callen, University of California, San Diego, “Institutional Corruption and Election Fraud: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan”, Sign Up to meet speaker

February 6, Suresh Naidu, Columbia University, “Schooling, Suffrage, and Sorting in the Post-Bellum U.S. South” February 13, Allison Sovey, Yale University

February 20, James Hollyer, Yale University, “Transparency and Democratization”

February 27, Marco Battaglini, Princeton University, “Legislative Bargaining and the Dynamics of Public Investment”

March 19, Claire Lim, Cornell University, “Elections and Government Accountability: Evidence from the U.S. State Courts”, Co-authored with James Snyder, Harvard, sign-up to meet the speaker

March 26, Dustin Tingley, Harvard University, Conditional Cooperation and Climate Change, Sign up to meet speaker

April 2, Danny Hidalgo, MIT, “Voter Buying: Shaping the Electorate through Clientelism”, Co-authored with Simeon Nichter, Harvard Academy/UCSD, Sign up to meet the speaker.

April 16, Miriam A. Golden, University of California, Los Angeles, “Theft and Loss of Electricity in an Indian State”, Sign up to meet the speaker

April 23, Quintin Beazer, Yale University

April 30, Judy Goldstein, Stanford University, “America and Trade Liberalization: A Revisionist Account”

May 14, Beth Simmons, Harvard University, “The Global Diffusion of Law: Transnational Crime and the Case of Human Trafficking, Sign up to meet the speaker.