Seminars 2009- 2010

Monday 12:00-1:30pm - Room 203 Luce Hall,

The 2009-2010 Leitner Political Economy Seminar is directed by Ken Scheve.

Fall 2009

September 14 - Cancelled, Massimo Morelli, Columbia University, “Competitive Non Linear Taxation and Constitutional Choice”

September 21 - Stephen Haber, Stanford University, “Do Natural Resources Fuel Authoritarianism: A Reappraisal of the Resource Curse”

September 28 - Paolo Spada, Yale University, “The Political and Economic Effects of Participatory Democracy”

October 5 - Kevin Morrison, Cornell University, “Intergovernmental Transfers and Electoral Outcomes: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Brazilian Municipal Executive Elections, 1982-1988”

October 12 - Mario Chacon, Yale University, “A Theory of Competitive Authoritarianism and Democratic Transition”

October 19 - Allan Drazen, University of Maryland, “How Do Leaders Affect Government Spending Priorities?”

October 26 - Randall Stone, Rochester University, “Informal Governance: International Organizations and the Limits of U.S. Power”

November 2 - Kyle Bagwell, Stanford University, “The WTO: Theory and Practice”

November 9 - Gary Cox, UC San Diego, “War, Moral Hazard and Ministerial Responsibility: England after the Glorious Revolution”

November 16 - Torun Dewan, London School of Economics, “Did the Extension of the Franchise Increase the Liberal Vote in Victorian Britain? Evidence from the Second Reform Act”

November 30 - Matilde Bombardini, University of British Columbia, “Competition and Political Organization: Together or Alone in Lobbying for Trade Policy?”

Spring 2010

January 25 - Alastair Smith, New York University, “Pivotal Patronage”

February 1 - Cathy Hafer, New York University, “Collective Signaling and Political Action”

February 8 - Johannes Urpelainen, Columbia University, “The Dynamic Effect of International Trade Institutions on Social Regulation”

February 22 - David Rueda, Oxford University, “Individual Preferences for Redistribution in Western Europe: Self-Interest, Political Articulation, Altruism and Identity”

March 1 - Renee Bowen, Stanford University, “On Dynamic Compromise”

March 22 - Susan Hyde, Yale University, “Terrorizing Freedom: When Governments Use Repression to Manipulate Elections”

March 29 - Ernesto Dal Bo, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, “Term Length and Political Performance”

April 5 - Jennifer Tobin, Georgetown University, “Tying the Hands of its Masters? Interest Coalitions and Multilateral Aid Allocation in the European Union”

April 12 - Mostafa Beshkar, University of New Hampshire, “Third-Party-Assisted Renegotiation of Trade Agreements”

April 19 - Bard Harstad, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, “The Dynamics of Climate Agreements”

April 26 - Nuno Limao, University of Maryland, “Policy Choice: Theory and Evidence from Commitment via International Trade Agreements”