Leitner Political Economy Seminar

Mondays 12:00-1:30pm - Room 203 Luce Hall

Fall 2012

September 10 - Alexandre Debs, Yale University, “Is Transparency a Force for Peace?”

September 17 - Alessandra Casella, Columbia University, “Systematic Minority Advantage in Competitive Vote Markets”

September 24 - Achyuta Adhvaryu, Yale University

October 1 - David Stasavage, New York University, “What Democracy Does (and Doesn’t do) for Basic Services: School Fees, School Inputs, and African Elections”

October 8 - Paola Conconi, University Libre Bruxelles, “Policymakers’ Horizon and Trade Reforms: The Protectionist Effect of Elections”

October 15 - Rohini Pande, Harvard University, “Truth-telling by Third-party Auditors and the Response of Polluting Firms: Experimental Evidence from India”

October 22 - Sebastian Saiegh, University of California San Diego, “Fraudulent Democracy? An Analysis of Argentina’s Infamous Decade Using Supervised Machine Learning”

October 29 - Eric Weese, Yale University 

November 5 - b, University of British Columbia, “How is Power Shared in Africa?”

November 12 - Pedro Dal Bo, Brown University, “The Demand for Bad Policy When Voters Do Not Understand Equilibrium Effects”

November 26 - Claudio Ferraz, PUC-Rio

December 3 - Emily Blanchard, Dartmouth University, “U.S. Multinationals and Preferential Market Access”

December 10 - David Myatt, London Business School, “A Theory of Protest Voting”

Spring 2013

January 14 - Sarah Brooks (Ohio State University), Oil and Democracy: Endogenous Natural Resources and the Political ‘Resource Curse’ - (joint with Marcus J. Kurtz)

January 28 - John Roemer (Yale University)

February 4 - Ken Shotts (Stanford University), Competitive Policy Entrepreneurship - (joint with Alexander V. Hirsch)

February 11 - Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton University), How does Policy Deliberation Affect Voting Behavior? Evidence from a Campaign Experiment from Benin

February 18 - David P. Myatt (London Business School), A Theory of Protest Voting

February 25 - Chad Bown (World Bank), Emerging Economies, Trade Policy, and Macroeconomic Shocks - (joint with Meredith A. Crowley)

March 4 - Aila M. Matanock (UC-Berkeley), Bullets for Ballots: Examining the Effect of Electoral Participation on Conflict Recurrence

March 25 - Irfan Nooruddin (Ohio State University), Broke and Broken: Why Elections Fail to Promote Democratization in the Developing World

April 1 - Vincent Anesi (University of Nottingham), Bargaining in Standing Committees with an Endogenous Default

April 8 - Ruben Durante (Sciences Po), The Political Legacy of Commercial Television:, Evidence from the Rise (and Fall) of Berlusconi - (joint with Paolo Pinotti and Andrea Tesei)

April 15 - Paola Giuliano (UCLA visiting Harvard University), On the Origin of Gender Roles: Women and the Plough

April 17 -  Gary W. Cox (Stanford University), The Power of the Purse and the Reversionary Budget

April 22 - Yann Algan (Sciences Po), The Economic Incentives of Cultural Transmission:, Spatial Evidence from Naming Patterns across France - (joint with Thierry Mayer and Mathias Thoenig)

April 29 - Camilo Garcia-Jimeno (University of Pennsylvania), The Political Economy of Moral Conflict:, An Empirical Study of Learning and Law Enforcement under Prohibition

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