Leitner Political Economy Seminar

12:00-1:15 PM on Thursdays via Zoom (subscribe to mailing list for link and password)

9 September - Daniel Goldstein, Yale University (Practice job talk), “Reversals of State Capacity: Norms and Political Disruption” 

16 September - Annabelle Hutchinson, Yale University (Practice job talk), Title TBA

23 September -  Johannes Wiedemann, Yale University (Practice job talk), “Firm-Lobbying in the European Union”

30 September - Trevor Incerti, Yale University (graduate student), “Combatting Capture in Local Politics: A Field Experiment” 

`7 October - Milan Svolik, Yale University, Title TBA

28 October - Alice Xu, Yale University, Title TBA

4 November - Hikaru Yamagishi, Yale University (graduate student), “The Incompatible Incentives of Opposition Coordination in Mixed-Member Majoritarian Systems: Survey Evidence from Japan”

18 November - Ceren Baysan, University of Essex, Title TBA

2 December - Yusuf Neggers, University of Michigan, Title TBA

9 December - Giovanni Maggi, Yale University, Title TBA 

Faculty co-organizers: Gerard Padro i Miquel (Political Science and Economics) and Tyler Pratt (Political Science)